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Author: Admin | Categories: | August 23, 2017

When you come to sell your biggest asset, your home, you want to know you’re in safe hands with a company selling your property that has the experience, knowledge and drive to not only achieve the best possible price but a swift and successful conclusion to your sale.

This is where a good local high street Estate Agent comes in to their own. You need an estate agent who has been established in your area for a number of years with an extensive knowledge of the locality and the local property market built up through a proven history of sales. Brinkleys have a team of experienced local valuers who not only know your market intimately but can also plan a bespoke pricing and marketing strategy for your property.

Brinkleys have a vast database of buyers in place, which we have built up over a long period of time – many of these people will have walked into our office and signed up after visiting to research the area they are looking to move to. Indeed, at Brinkleys, our database has been built up over a decade and includes many repeat clients who trust us and the properties we are selling.

We have the knowledge to price your property effectively and a large database to market it to. In addition, we stringently vet all buyers, so unqualified strangers are not able to visit your home. When offers are put forward by potential purchasers, they are financially qualified to ensure they are able to proceed with the purchase of the property. 

Scarily for sellers, across the industry nearly a third of all sales fall through and this is where a good agent comes into their own. We know that agreeing a sale is only a job half done and will follow it through to completion on behalf of our client. A large part of our working week is spent chasing sales already in hand. As we deal with sales day in day out, we have an excellent knowledge of the conveyancing process, so can progress the sale on our clients’ behalf to a swift and successful conclusion.

With the above in mind, it is worth noting that estate agents don’t get paid until the transaction is complete and this is the incentive for your agent to not only get the best possible price for your property but to also see the transaction through to a successful conclusion. If an agent has been paid up front to sell your house, there is little incentive to spend time generating as many viewings as possible to be able to negotiate the best possible price for you, then progress the sale through satisfactorily.

So, in our opinion, the best way to sell your home, whilst maximising its value, is by using a team of knowledgeable local experts in a fully staffed office. The easiest thing for an agent to do would be to take a photo of your house, pop it on a property website and wait for it to sell, but in reality selling a house is never that easy! An established local high street agent, like Brinkleys, will have the experience, database and motivation to get the best price possible with the smoothest transaction possible and this has to be worth it.

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